Quinte Trap League

Each shoot will consist of 125 targets, 50 at 16 yards, 25 pair of doubles and 25 handicap. Shooters will be allowed to miss a total of one shoot and still qulify for the high-over-all award at the end of the season. Each shooter will apply the best 5 of 6 shoots for their totals.

If a shooter attends only the post shoot, the shooter does not have to pay for league fees, and makes them ineliglble for any added lewis money. The free lewis at the post season shoot will be divided 40-30-20-10 in 2 classes.

Trophies for the 2016 season will be awarded for H.O.A., 16 yard, handicap, doubles, junior, under 18, ladies and seniors. Senior shooter is 65 and over.

The junior shooting for trophies only , will pay half price for targets. Should that junior play the lewis option , then they are to pay full price for targets.

One John Doe score equal to the lowest male score posted that day will be given to any club not having 5 members in attendance. Any shooter with a score of 125/125 will receive $40.00 from each club in the league. All shoots count for Quinte League Trophy.

Clubs with 2 traps will shoot the 16 yard event first, then the handicap and doubles together. Traps are to be set in the #2 hole, with height and speed in accordance with ATA rules. Shoot offs for 16 yards and handicap will be a full round. Doubles will be 10 pairs. Shoot offs for H.O.A. will be 10-10-10. Shoot offs for H.O.A. for the year 25-10-15. NEW Sr. trophy for over 70.

Information sheet: Shotgun Barrels, Chokes and Ballistics (pdf)


  • League fees $10.00
  • Trophies $5.00
  • Targets $25.00
  • Lewis $10.00 optional

2016 Schedule

  • Belleville - May 15th
  • Napanee - June 26th
  • Cobourg - July 10th
  • Peterborough - July 24th
  • Picton - August 7th
  • Belleville - August 21st