Pistol Ranges – General

In addition to holding a valid firearms license members must complete club orientation and restricted license holders must complete Club Level Handgun Training. This is mandated by the Chief Firearms Office. This is regardless of your experience or previous membership at other clubs.

Training must be completed prior to being able to shoot hand guns without Qualified Supervision.

Range #5

Up to 4 Shooting positions are available at the Hand Gun Portion of Range #5

Rifle trailer takes Priority over Hand Gun Shooting on Range #5

Range #6 is exclusive to Hand Gun Shooting and has up to 8 shooting positions

Safe Areas must be used for uncasing firearms. AT NO TIME SHALL AMMUNITION BE IN THE SAFE AREA

Firearms must be transferred to the firing line (shooting benches) unloaded using proper handling techniques.

Firearms may only be loaded and holstered when you are the active shooter during Club Sanctioned Action Shooting Match. Only Member that have completed a holster course recognized by PERGC can participate in such events.

All Brass/Casing must be picked up and garbage placed in appropriate containers.

Prior to moving forward of the firing line to change targets. – Cease fire must be called

All firearms must be unloaded, magazines removed, chambers cleared and placed on bench in a manner in which RSO and shooters can clearly see firearms are clear and safe.

No one shall go forward of the firing line until the RSO has verified and instructed shooters that firing line is clear and safe and they may proceed forward of the firing line.

Firearms MUST NOT be handled at the firing line while members are forward of the firing line. RSO must advise when range is going live and shooters can approach the firing line.

Ear and Eye protection must be worn by all shooters and spectators.

Range Operation

  • Range Safety Officer – If there are more than one member at a live range a Range Safety Officer must be designated. The designated RSO must call the line.
  • Members firing semi-automatic firearms must be cognizant of brass ejection relative to  members in adjacent shooting positions.
  • Members who are coaching guests must have direct “hands-on” supervision of that person and is responsible for all safety aspects.
  • Members should ensure that they clean up the pistol range properly when they are finished using it.