In addition to holding a valid firearms license members must complete club orientation and restricted license holders must complete Club Level Handgun Training. This is mandated by the Chief Firearms Office. This is regardless of your experience or previous membership at other clubs.

Club orientation is intended to provide members with a clear understanding of the range rules, access, signage, flags, and range rules.

Club Level Handgun Training is comprised of Theory and Practical testing. Length of training varies based on the abilities of the trainee.

Training is done by qualified volunteers of the club and as such is dependent upon availability which will be dictated by the schedule of the volunteers. Please ensure you understand the timing associated with completing your training at the time of joining the club. Until training is complete restricted license holders May Not utilize the ranges unless accompanied by a Trainer.

Costs associated with Club Level Handgun Training fee are in addition to your membership fee – Currently a fee $75 exists at the time of training, this does not include the cost of ammunition associated with the practical testing.