Trap Shooting

Sundays 10 am until last squad.
Thursday April through July 6pm until Dusk
August through October 4/5 pm until dusk.
Cost / Round – $5.00

  • Members carrying firearms, whether from rack to field or in between posts, shall ensure that firearms are unloaded & actions open.
  • Members firing semi-automatic firearms must be cognizant of members on adjacent positions with respect to their shell ejection.
  • Treat every gun as if were loaded.
  • Make sure the barrel is clear before loading, double check your firearm after every malfunction PROVE it safe.
  • Never load more than one shot in your gun except when shooting doubles.
  • Guns are to be open and empty when moving from station to station.
  • Never discard a misfired shell on the ground.
  • All pistol grip shotguns must have a butt attached.
  • Members who are coaching new members or guests must have direct “hands-on” supervision and are responsible for all safety aspects.
  • All shooters are responsible to pick up spent shell casings at appropriate times between rounds

Any Functional issues with trap equipment must be recorded and communicated to the club executive as soon as an issue arises to ensure that it can be address in a timely manner. Given that Trap machines are maintained by volunteers it is possible that depending upon the severity of the issue alternate trap ranges may need to be used until issues are corrected